Well hello Monday!
Never thought I'd be glad the weekend was over and I would be glad to see you!

One exhausting weekend -- that may or may not have found me with my hand stuck in a dirty toilet bowl to retrieve one lost Dora figurine (be grateful I am not typing on your keyboard) -- is finally done and done!   As the dust settles, I am convinced we mothers are the most rare of species. Who else can calculate the cost comparison between a professional plumber, and a lifetime supply of hand sanitizer in mere seconds?  Especially with the traumatized screaming "My Dora, My Dora!!! Ay├║dame.  Get outta dere" blocking out all other coherent thought. 

Ah, but it's all small stuff right?
No Sweat.

Um, gonna call *BS* on that one.  I do in fact consider sticking my hand in a toilet bowl something to sweat over.   Kids are nasty....and Left Brain, well thank God he was working.   Or else, say hello to Nemo on your way by Dora.  

And I know someone - a kind of heroine of mine - who would tell me it's okay to sweat that small stuff.   I big fluffy pink glitter covered heart her.    Her honest, beautiful writing can take me from laugh out loud to heart wrenching sorrow:  but always, the hopeless romantic shines through.   And I love that about her.   You never know how the words you birth and set free are going to fall upon the ears of your audience.  Sometimes, you get it so, so right - they fall right into the heart.   That's how my dear friend Sweaty writes

So when she asked me to Guest Post for her - I mean after I did a little cartwheel in my living room (oh yes I can!) - I thought it was the perfect chance to tell her just how much I have learned since following her blog.   How often do we get a chance to let people know exactly how much we appreciate them?   That they have touched us in some measurable way?  It's been an incredible journey, and I feel so privileged to have been along for the ride.

Won't you come over to Sweaty Writes where I write my most personal post ever:  Fear Itself
Show us some love:  it casts out fear ya know!
And while you are there.....make sure you say Happy Blog Birthday too!

NEXT UP:  Tuesday Coffee Chat:   Random Thoughts #2.   I checked my Stats - the original random post is my most popular post ever.  It still gets numerous hits per day.   Let's unjumble our brains and see if lightning can strike twice.

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