Well, there's a blog title sure to grab some attention on a Google Search, dontcha think?

Should be interesting to see what kind of traffic comes my way this Monday morning of Listicles.

Jessica from My Time As Mom asks us to gather a list of things we cannot do. Sadly, easiest list - ever.

1. So speaking of sucking.....yeah, vacumming. Of course, what did you think? Family blog people.

The household chore I hate the most, because it is akin to shovelling snow in a blizzard -- some one, and by that I mean one of these dirty children that live here, will spill something 2.473 seconds after I am finished.   I have briefly considered going on strike until my dream Dyson arrives.

2. Crafts.   Oh Pinterest, how I do love thy brightly coloured, neatly organized offerings. Crafts often involve glue.  I am impatient.   Glue dries slow.  Clearly, it's a relationship not meant to be.  Sorry kids.

3.  Numbers.   I seriously had to pause the other day when my eldest, 7 year old Monkey Boy, who in clear defiance of all rules of genetics declared he loved math, asked me what 5 + 6 equalled.
 He was so thrilled to have stumped his mama that he promptly asked me what 1 million + 7 + 967 thousand + 2 and then subtract 4 was.
We have a call sign change folks: Funny Boy

4. as per above....I had to pause to see what number in the list I am now on.   actually, I've already done it twice.   Might I also be list-challenged? *shudder*

5. Coffee.  actually, I do coffee quite well.   it's getting through a day without one, two, fine, at least 3 that I suck major at.
(but I am good at winning free coffee - 2 Roll up The Rim wins now)

6. Sleep. hmm, think it might have something to do with...um, let me check.....#5?   Nah, I blame the creative forces I have unleashed in my brain since entering the blog world.  yeah, that.

7. Draw.  no pic included.  nuff said?

8. Phone Calls. Oh, this is bad. really bad. I pretty much hate the phone - although I have logged my fair share of hours on it.   But you have to call me.   And it's weird, because I will talk your ear off for hours, if in the right mood.    But I will not think to call you.   Unless I have something specific to ask or tell you.  I just prefer face to face that's all.
 And I wander when I talk on the phone. I can't sit still. I'd probably just walk out the door straight to your house to have an actual convo with you if my cordless could reach that far.

You will of course have coffee on, right?

9. Fashion. Don't get me wrong, I know a nice pair of peep toe pumps or to die for handbag when I see one.  But don't expect me to put a whole "look" together.  I just don't get it.
 "IT" changes so frequently - how does anyone "get it?"  Seems exhausting.  And I kind of resent having to get rid of my fave jeans because someone has decided they are no longer stylish.  Honey - if this ass fits in them - I'm wearing them.

(I suspect I was much better at this in my younger, child-free days....but now? meh. 3 cheers for yoga pants.)

10. Playing.  With all the work to be done in a home with 3 active children.  The stresses and worries that come from living within a one income budget.  Left Brain's dangerous job.   I fear I am beginning to forget how to play.   It might even be gone already.......I didn't even want to play Barbie's the other day! *gasp*  Her hair was a rat's nest tangle, and I didn't even care.

Maybe I am just finally growing up.  Maybe my kids are finally old enough to play with their own imaginations now.   But this one.....this last one doesn't seem acceptable.  I'm okay with all the things I am utter Rubbish at.   I also know all the things I am Brilliant at.  But this "all work and no play" thing...

...well, that makes Rory a dull mama.  That most certainly will have to change.

What do you think List Master -- one week a list of all the games WE would play if the choice was ours?

C'mon, we're all spillin it - what are you rubbish at?

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