Okay, you caught me in a lie.  Sort of.

This Monday will be Manic - briefly (oh..beaware the jinx!)  I have to pack for 3 children and myself, for roughly 3 types of seasons (just love March in Canada!), clean my house, and get out the door.   No later than 10 am.   Then drive a couple of hours.  With 3 children.   Who cannot seem to synch their bathroom breaks.  Or, despite the fact that they can complete all levels of Star Wars-Sonic-Mario-Pokemon, cannot locate the Mute button on said device.  

It will be rushed.   It will be chaos.   My coffee will be reheated several times over.   I will be exhausted before I even reach the end of the driveway.     The Tim Horton's will most certainly be the first stop on the way out of town.    Yes, there will be Timbits for breakfast today my pets!
And then....

..the open road.

And waiting at the end of that road - our final destination........Grandma and Grandpa's house!
(aka:   Can you just watch the kids for a sec while I dash out for a few moments.......in  Cuba?  just kidding mom.   but, can I?)

And then all will be well.    Let the family holiday fun begin!

So you won't see me around the blogosphere very much this week.     It's family time and hopefully I will return with some renewed energy and a Spring in my step.

Coffee Chat  will still appear on Tuesday:    Link up and share your families spring break memories, or tell me what your dream Spring Break vacation would be.   

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