Back from the Spring Break family fun week!

Why yes!   Those are my new spring colours here at Time Out.
I figured since we returned to zero snow in the front yard, I refused to look at snowflakes on my blog any longer either. much to tell!
Do you wanna hear about the maple syrup and pancake feast first?
Or how about feeding chick-a-dees by hand?
Perhaps the tale of how Monkey Boy puked on the first night of our arrival AND in the van on the way home -- might that amuse you?
Non?    Me neither.

How about we just turn it right over to the kids for today's list.    Let's face it....they pretty much run things around here anyway.


1.  you can fit through small places

     Exhibit A:    We had my MILs cat for several months.    The litter box was kept in our furnace/junk/arts and crafts/storage/freezer room.   This was the door I cut for him to gain access.   The cat is gone -- the door is still endless hours of amusing and hide and seek fun.

2.  you can run faster than adults.    (let's just let them dream awhile on this one.  Mama won't haul out her track and field medals just yet.)

3.  secret hideouts and places     (really?  after all this time you still think mama is gonna look for you?)

4.  You get toys when you "dine" out --   Happy Meal Toys
Exhibit B:    You'll have to just trust me on the 1, 365 examples I can show you.

5.   More time to play.      (rub it in why dontcha)

6.  Bikes get fixed first in spring.  
     And yes Left Brain, the kids really did come up with that one all on their own.

7.  Stuffed lovies to cuddle at night.      (not sure if Left Brain will also take offense to this one.)

8.  Forts.
     I gotta give them that one.    But can I please have my pillows and blankets back soon?

9.  You get lullabies before bed.    ( I notice they did not specify the same fricking lullaby every night!)

10.  Dirt sticks and you don't care.
      Exhibit C:    "Look Ma!   I can colour!"

As this is the official list dictated by my children, I am actually quite impressed.   No mention of presents.  No mention of junk food.   No mention of hitting your sibling while mama's back is turned and getting away with it.     And they didn't rat me out about movie days while I catch up on blogging catch up on things around here.

well done kiddos, well done.

Do you remember what was "awesome" when you were a child?

NEXT UP:    Tuesday Coffee Chat ---  Spring Sprung?    Have you spotted your first robin?    Can you see your grass, or still have some lingering white stuff?   What's does March Madness mean to you?   Come back on Tuesday and share your early spring sightings and stories.
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