PhotobucketSo....Happy Birthday Four Fill In Fun!!  

Keeping it short and sweet today.   I'm already tired from the amount of snow I have shovelled this morning.   
March -- you mean ole nasty lion, you!

Rest assured, I've earned the extra large double double and 1...2.  3 Timbits Left Brain brought home.   I'm sure it was a bribe.   I'm so weak.

This week’s co-host is Brenda from Fiction with a purpose.  She came up with the last two statements.  PLEASE SEND ME SOME STATEMENTS.. I NEED CO-HOSTS!

1. If I could meet one person living or dead, I would want to meet  Stephen King.    It's not that he is necessarily my favourite author, but to be in the presence of that incredible mind for 15 minutes would have to be a truly unique experience.   (and you all thought I'd say a certain former boy wizard - pshaw!)

*Really, this is a tough to pick just one:  Mother Theresa, JFK, Shakespeare, Bono, Princess Diana:  there are so many people of influence I would love just 15 mintues with*

2. I find it hard to wait.   For anything.  For anyone.  Any time.  Any where.   Get it?

3. The last time I put on something nice and partied and danced till wee small hours......then woke up married.     Not sure if it was the dress......or the champagne that got me carried away.

4. Where are the well behaved children when the guests are here?   Seriously - what is up with that?   They can be perfectly calm and keeping themselves nicely entertained, then the doorbell rings and they're like the monkeys bursting from the barrell?    Climbing furniture and guest alike.  It's quite scary actually.   You'd think I never let them leave the house.

That's all she wrote today.

Except, proof I earned those Timbits:

scuse the blurry thumb

look at that mountain of kept sliding down and knocking the snow back onto driveway!

I know, shocking after that first nice beach shot, isn't it?

warm wishes sign