Despite my inconsistent visits to her lovely beach blog home, Hilary has nevertheless included me in this rousing game of Web Tag!   

Now, unlike many others already tagged, I do not have a lovable, cute fur baby to answer the questions with me. I have this:

Pretty much all he...she?....does
Unless you can translate "blub, blub, bubble, spit, blub," we are wasting our time.   I mean, really; clearly he's no Nemo.

So here be the questions:

1.  Describe yourself in 7 words. 

friendly, loyal, compassionate, witty, introvert (news to me!), poetic, stubborn, 

2.  What keeps you up at night.

I'll give you a is almost midnight....right now.
Ever since I have started blogging with regularity, whenever a poetic, amusing, philosophical thought pops into my head - I must write it down.   With the noise of kids and daily chores taking up most days, that means my brain is most receptive once I lay down to rest.   Life, and blogging are like that.

3.  Who would I like to be?

Exactly who I was made to be.   Hopefully, I am close to it.

4.  What am I wearing now?

Pj's, which consist of blue fleece pants and a tshirt.
and a scrunchy - don't judge, I've been sick.

5.  What scares me.

I don't really like spiders, but I don't think I am actually scared.  perhaps more "creeped out."  I really, really used to be terrified of driving, but I have become more calm with age and experience.   Most of my fears are naturally focused on something bad happening to those I love most.  I fear I would never recover from such a loss.

6.   The Best and Worst of Blogging:

Honestly - I love everything about it!  Sure, it's a big time sucker and requires much organization and good time management.   But the creative outlet it allows me far outweighs any stresses.  I love being inspired by all the talented bloggers I encounter.  I love reading everything from the sappy, funny,'s all good.   I think for the most part we have a great community.    The only thing I do not like is any negativity.    How I feel about the judgie pant wearers is no secret.   As one my commenter's said once "we should be raising one another up, not tearing down." 

 7.   The last website I visited:

Well, to be an organized blogger you have to multi-task, thus I have no less than 4 sites opened right now:  my own, Brenda over at Fiction With A Purpose (also working on a Pondering Post to link up), my Twitter, and making attempts to open Hilary's - which for some reason keeps giving me a  "#404 dude."   Prior to that the last one I actually read was my muse Janice to check out this week's poetry prompt - which clearly, I will be late this week.  

8.   What is the one thing I would change about myself:

Lord, give me more patience.
And if I'm a lost cause, then make everyone else faster.

9.   Slankets: yes or no?

I confess, I had to Google this one.   Um, no.   But I do have some lovely, super soft,  fleece blankets that I keep on couches and chairs around the house.  And a fireplace.   And Left Brain - he's my portable heater.

10.   Tell us something about the person who tagged who.

Hilary has one of the funnest (my blog, I can make up words) memes in the blogging community with her Four Fill in Fun - even though I know I have been lax lately in doing it.   variety and spice and all that.   I love her humorous accounts of her daily life, and who could resist the antics of Alex!   I love that she also writes with courage and honesty about things that trouble her too.   She's the kind of blogger who makes you feel like you really know her, and based on that knowledge you just know she'd be an awesome friend.

I will pick only a few, since I notice almost everyone has been tagged.
Okay, so,  Ready, Set.......TAG:  You're it!

Janice at Mommy's Lounge
(and I would also challenge her to answer in rhyming Iambic Pentameter, but since I am late for her poetry meme this week, will let it go.)

Melissa at MaMe Musings

My cousin Carley, who is new to blogging so go say Hi! - at Tired, Tested and True Mommy

And keeping it the family, my other cousin Paul - since it ties in so nicely with his "Get Social" blogging theme this month.   Run on over to The Ossington Kitchen
warm wishes sign