The MomalogThis time I've been caught unawares by Ado from The Momalog.  And if you have never visited her, consider yourself in Time Out.   You must drop by, and you won't be disappointed.

There are only a few blogs that I read that have me actually holding on to my desk chair for fear of  LMA right off.  Ado's is definitely one of them.

But do come back here because her questions are really great! (even though I had to Google "Snooki".)

The Rules:

  • You must post these rules.
  • Each person must post 11 things about herself on their blog.
  • Answer the questions the “tagger” listed for you in her post, and create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
  • Choose 11 people to tag and link to them in the post.
  • Let each blogger know that you have tagged them.

1.  If you met your favorite movie star and could say whatever you wanted to him or her in 140     characters or less, what would it be? (And who is the movie star?)

Seriously, Daniel - it could never work.  I'm married.  You're young...there are plenty of other pretty blogs to stalk.

2.  What’s your dream?

Okay.  Just stop it Dan.   You know perfectly well what I've been dreaming lately.

Oh you mean....Dream, as in an achievement.   Right now, I would have to go with being published in some way.   Whether it is an article, poems, short story......anything.

3.  Ever had a scary parenting moment?

Yes!  When my child fell down our basement steps.   All 3 of them actually.   Meaning, all 3 children - not just 3 steps - because that wouldn't really be scary.   Anyhoo...they were all very young - just walking really.  Each time I have thought they were going to break their neck, but  nope.  Up they get and off they go.   I have required a defibrillator to get going again.   I hate those freaking stairs.

4.  Something besides your children that you are proud of.

My writing.   Not so much quantity or quality:   rather that I took the time to re-discover it.   And that I continue to guard ferociously ensure that I have a little bit of time for me to indulge everyday.

5.  What’s your favorite book? Why?

One of my favourites is "Ashes in the Wind," by Kathleen Woodiwiss.  She is the legend of all Historical Romances and I love her work.  Love getting lost in the rich details of the location/period, and she always, always has a strong female character.  

More in keeping with my expensive, framed piece of paper:   Milton's Paradise Lost.  It's just a fantastic read.   I love how he details life in the Garden of Eden and imagines how the fall of man occurred.

6.  What’s in your fridge?

Right now - almost nothing.  It's grocery day.  Have fun Left Brain.
There certainly isn't any vanilla ice cream or hot fudge sauce -- what a poor example for the kiddos!
I hide that stuff in the basement freezer ;)

7.  Do you make your bed every day? Do your kids make theirs? Why/why not?

No.  I am married to a shift worker.  We have only been in the bed at the same time long enough to conceive 3 children.   Thus, no point.  I mean to bed making - not the other, er "making."   Thus, it seems unfair to request offspring to make their own.  I do insist the covers at least be on the bed.

8.  What’s your best kid’s riddle or joke?

It used to be all manner of Knock, Knock jokes or chicken crossing the road.   But Now - thanks to a link on this weeks' chat:  if you put it all together - Perfecto!   Best kids' joke ever

9.  Epidural or au naturel?

I am a pretty tough chick.   I've lived with migraines for quite awhile now and not killed anyone. But, not so tough that I can do a C section au naturel.    Kinda didn't have a choice about Just Saying No, at that point.

10.  Ask your kids what they like about you and what bugs them about you and write it verbatim here.

Son - what's good about mommy?   "you're very nice."
And, what bugs you about mommy?   "that you say No!"
(can't get more honest than that!)

Daughter 1 - good?   "I like when you play with me."
And how do I bug ya?  "when you put me in a time out."

(I'm sensing a theme here that mommy is most like able when she's basically NOT being a mom.)

Daughter 2:  what do you like about mommy Zoo Zoo?  "Dora. put Dora on."
Ok, in a minute, but first - what do you like about mommy?  "Want Dora...Boots too."
Can you answer mommy first?   "WANT DORA NOW!"

Clearly, mommy is loved best when everyone gets what they want.
Fine.  Everybody go make their bed - Now!

11.  Do you have any advice for Snooki? (-:

Do you own a watch?  Because I don't have to know anything about your show to be quite certain: it was 15 minutes a long time ago.

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And here are your  11 Questions:

1.   Right side or left side of the bed?
2.   Is your alarm switched to the radio (and what station), or do you need that Buzz, Buzz, Buzz!?
3.   Star Trek, or Star Wars?   Include one movie quote.
4.  If you could be one fictional character, who would you be, and why?
5.  If someone wrote your biography, what would the title be?
     Bonus points for including a book cover.   Well, actually no; there's no points at all.
6.   What's your superpower?
7.   Your picture is on the front page of the newspaper!  What's the headline?
8.   What was your favourite toy as a child?  Show your work.
9.   I'm having a potluck dinner party - what do you bring?
    Again, bonus points for sharing the recipe.   you still think there's a secret point system dontcha?
10.   If you had access to a time machine - where, or rather, When, are you going?
11.  If a turtle loses its shell:  is it naked, or homeless?  Explain.

These tag games have really been fun, but can we switch to I Spy or something else now?

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