Poetry WorkshopIt will be a Wordy Wednesday here today.
Due to recent less than fine feelings -- which I think we can all safely blame for my weird dreams of late, I requested an easy challenge of my Muse this week.

The sonnet.

Not sure what I was thinking there.
14 lines
Iambic pentameter.
strict rhyme scheme
specific structure.

Thanks a bunch Bard Of Avon.

I do believe my Iambic pentameter might be a tad off and I decided to make the entire verse rhyming couplets....  how very heroic of me.    However, it is most certainly and appropriately sappy.

Sonnet for A Troubled Heart

Oh! The force which doth propel
the pulse to race, and hearts to swell.
That unites man and wife in precision sweet:
so ripe the fruit of springtimes' treat!
That finds the joy Adam and Eve first knew,
and feels the beat of two hearts true.
Yet, within this same heart, such evil can grow.
More madness and fever than love doth show.
Both gloom and greed can so easily ensnare;
Loves' most faithful in Hells' fiery glare.
So wives may nag, and husband's betray --
From the Gardens' path we've all gone astray.

Yet! Still we search to find that One, 
Who dispels the dark and restoreth the Sun.

And, well, well, well.....lookie who is reading a Shakespearean sonnet.

Seriously......I think Daniel Radcliffe is stalking me.
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