The kids made out pretty good for Valentine's Day. 

those red berries....cannot stop eating them!  help.
 I also had some Hershey's kisses in bowls and we made sugar cookies with hearts.
Wednesday will be declared a Rainbow Day.....meaning fruits and veggies!

Mama didn't do so bad herself.

um Truffles...can't stop eating.  help.

There were also some peanut butter cups, conversational hearts and a bottle of wine.......but discarded wrappings and empty bottles don't make interesting photo ops. *eye roll*

And those books you see....have to give an ALLCAPS shout out to the wonderfully talented and selfless Brenda at Fiction with a Purpose - I had ordered them about a week ago, and they arrived on Valentine's Day - and autographed!   That is a most lovely gift!   I cannot wait to get started.   She's wonderful.....if you are not following her blog, you are missing out!

Happy Hump Day everyone!

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Coming Up Next:   Poetry Workshop.  Stay Tuned for my Narrative Poem.   
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