It wasn't long after waking that I could be heard to say to Angel Girl:

"that's my last nerve and you're on it!"

Well, glory be - Happy Sunday y'all.
Gee - nice one mom.     And truth be told, she didn't really stand a chance because I am pretty sure I had no nerves at all upon waking.

Sundays are supposed to be days of rest, but I had several tasks to do this morning, in addition to everything I normally do to get us out the door and to the church on time.    Did I mention Left Brain is on nights?     I don't know what it is about the 3rd day of night shifts that it is inevitable a great, scary monster emerges from my bed in my place.

In my caffeine fueled rational mind - I know the signs:   you're getting stressed/over-whelmed; slow down and remain calm.   All will be fine.

But that little devil on my shoulder - who certainly does not want me to make it to church; or, at the very least wants to make sure I have much to pray forgiveness for upon arrival -- he's got both dukes up and primed for battle:

I will NOT be calm!

Of course, we get there.  On time even (and leave one very tired Left Brain who is no doubt praying it will be his wife that returns) and with one mama determined to find her joy this Sunday morning.   Upon dismissing the children for their respective classes, I learn that it is the Sunday we gather them all the gym to learn a new praise song.   

I am thrilled to report, this mama found her lost marbles, reclaimed her happy thought, and may have even danced her way through this little toe-tapper with all the kids:

If you find yourself missing joy and searching for peace this morning, just remember:

You Are Not Forgotten

Let There Be Joy! 
(and feel free to dance a little.)
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