Despite a rather crappy start, my Manic Monday wasn't so awful after all.  I won a free coffee, and Left Brain bought me an Ereader!   I have already downloaded several books that I will have to leave the house to be able to read am so looking forward to reading because they were free.    Does it scream "total lit geek" that the first thing I downloaded was John Milton's, Paradise Lost?

I even downloaded one for hubby too.   I hope I remember how to share my toys ;)

Getting lost in a good book (and I will have a post later in the week concerning some recent good reads) is definitely one way for me to find my happy place.  The words of course are most important, but that can vary depending on my mood.   Maybe a short story by King, or maybe some Whitman today.  The genre can vary too, as the very next thing I downloaded was a Harlequin Romance.   Also free.  Sensing a theme?    It had a cowboy on the cover.....*knees going weak*

Beyond the words, sometimes it's that simple act of finding a quiet place, getting comfy, sipping a hot tea and letting yourself be transported away.   When the world and all it's stresses, pressures and noise starts to close in, I need that quiet spot and another world to dwell in awhile to regain my centre.

A nice walk in the fresh air is also a wonderful way to reclaim my happy thoughts.   Nature restores me in a way nothing else can.   Which may confuse some, given my Christian Faith - but honestly, there is no place I feel closer to God than out in the great big wide wonderful world He created. 
I don't know if it is strictly it's Beauty, the complicated circle of life that is ever round us, or simply that I see proof of Him in everything my eye touches.   The clock is just too fine tuned and in awesome working order - for there to be no awesome Clock Maker.

There are many other things that can chase away the blues:  a special song, a spontaneous kitchen dance, a hot soak, laughing out loud at a great knock, knock joke:

Knock, knock
who's there?
Interrupting cow
Interrupting co... *MOO!*

But I am finding more and more - as the winter days drag on and on, bodies get restless and mom's patience dwindles; and it feels like the earth will never be warm and green again....'s not so much a Happy Place - but a Happy State that I should seek.

Happiness, is really a choice.
I can choose joy on rushed Sundays and crappy Mondays.
Life can pause for a moment, can it not?   What is the worst that could happen?

I am learning that far more important than WHAT I simply that I STOP and just do something.   Find anything that can chase that black cloud away!  Just take the time mom.  (hey - great blog name there!  dibs)  Find the beauty in the bedlam and  the miraculous in the mundane.    Oh, I know that is no easy task.  You're shaking your head at me, and perhaps rightly so.   But I still have to try.

I have to believe I was designed for more than a half life spent worrying, scurrying and wondering if I'll ever be good enough.   Was I not created to know joy in abundance?   It is so much clearer now; when the pressing weight of shadows pushes me down, I just need to pause, let the light in; and then I'll remember....

....... all I ever have to be, is what I was made to be.

I have told you these things, that My joy and delight may be in you, and that your joy and gladness may be of full measure and complete and overflowing. John 15: 11

Where is your Happy Place?
What brings you joy?

Next Week's Topic:   Confession.  It's good for the soul my friends!  

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