Sundays are normally reserved for Feeding My Soul, but this Sunday finds us all, and by that I mean ME,  recovering from 2 nights in terrible sleep study.

Angel Girl is on some kind of rotating food strike. Which meal will she skip? Which snack will she beg for 1/2 hour after the meal?  Place your bets - it's all a gamble. Thus, she has been waking up during the night - and by that I mean 6 am - hungry.    It's okay, I got it covered; granola bars are kept on the low pantry shelf.

Zoo Zoo is two and in her big girl toddler bed - which she can climb out of.
Clearly, no further explanation is required.
Why bore you with my quest-like tale that involved a hunt for a certain baby doll necessary to journey to toddler dreamland. Or the equally lost kitty that was also requested, to which toddler was promptly  informed:

"Swiper swiped kitty."

Oh, man. *snap*

Which leaves us with Monkey Boy.  He of the perpetual nightly nose bleeds. Two nights now he has appeared by my bedside at O'God-O'Clock, covered in blood and holding one of my dish clothes *eye roll*  to his nose.  A quick trip to the bathroom to fetch a wet cloth to clean him up reveals a blood trail worthy of any CSI episode.    Then mommy must stay up to ensure her little nose-picker stays sitting up, until the fountain has ceased.     Hopefully the headache he is experiencing this morning will be sufficient reminder to only dig for treasure in the backyard sandbox.

Thus, we are absent from our regular Sunday pew this morning.

Thus, this mom is attempting this glorious Sunday to obtain new heights - or is it depths? - in Slackerville.    I feel quite confident, especially armed with a load of Dora DVD's and one Wii gaming system and 2 DS systems, that I will achieve my goal.

I have had little time to do any  Digital Scrapbooking lately, and with that most lovely and loving of holidays near - this lazy Sunday seemed as good a day as any.    Angel Girl (4 yrs.) has actually been helping me pick the designs and pictures.    That's how easy it is folks!

There are plenty of great kits at the My Memories Design Shop

I really love this Free! layout too:

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And I gotta tell you, it was some nice quality time designing those pages with Angel Girl.
Turns out, there are many ways to feed the soul.

P.S.   I trust you are enjoying the night shift Left Brain?
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