If you've been reading my "Tagged Posts" posts, you will know that I confessed to rather bizarre dream about a certain young actor.    With the term "jail bait" swirling in my brain, a quick Google Search to confirm legal age (yes!): soley to put my mind at ease of course.

Of course, you know a search like that returns thousands of hits, and much reading and learning of previously unknown facts (geesh....$42 million! that's alot of butter beers!), half-truths, and all out rumours about said celeb.    No matter that.  What does matter, is that all this innocent "fluff" reading will inevitably, and firmly root said young man in your subconscious.   Which means: guess who's coming to your dreams again tonight?

But of course, I am an intelligent and educated woman who suspected that might happen.  Which lead to further Googling of a more age-appropriate subject.   Such reading actually lead to numerous worthy quotes....um yeah, totally the point!  *eye roll*    The real motivation of course being to boot albeit very handsome and rich young whipper-snapper firmly out of dreamland.   And since the kids of course watched a few minutes of Star Wars, I thought, perfect --  it should be completely safe to lay head upon pillow tonight.

You know what happens when you spend your pre-sleep hours watching Star Wars and googling Daniel Radcliffe and Johnny Depp?

You dream of a young magician who casts spells with a lightsabre while sailing on a pirate ship, and asking you very pointedly:  "why is the rum gone?"

"Time Out To Dream"

Dream on readers.  Savvy?

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