It's ironic that the wonderful Brenda at Fiction With A Purpose has opted to do a Pondering Post about TV.

Since, that is exactly what TV makes me do. Ponder. Question. Analyse. Sit down in my thinking chair and think, think, think.

It's simple:  I love a good mystery. Perhaps it hearkens back to childhood pleasures such as Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys and Trixie Belden, and of course, Scooby Dobby Doo!! And yes, it is true that my mind is sometimes so desperate for some challenge to solve, that I would often relent when begged for yet another Blue's Clues episode. (And I always guessed the clue! Nick Jr.....bring it!)

Naturally, being all growed up now, my mind requires more challenging fare. Being married to Thin Blue Line doesn't help much -- I actually get to hear about real life mysteries! Thus, it is no surprise that what most often flickers across the box in our darkened rec room is mostly Police Drama.

CSI, CSI:NY (but not Miami, apparently my enquiring mind has a thresh-hold it won't cross), Criminal Minds, and Law & Order: SVU. You'd think I'd hear enough about such stuff around the house as it is. But of course, TV makes it seem so much more exciting. There's a reason it is called "drama."

The real irony is that Left Brain doesn't care much for these shows. "Please, DNA results back in 24 hours? Match a fingerprint that quick - that you lifted from a dollar bill!!! Gimme a break. No wonder the general public doesn't understand....." Yes, dear.  It's almost criminal.   I swear, I have to either gag him, or distract him with cheese nachos.

Perhaps I need such fare to convince myself that I am in fact Not wasting my time. If I am thinking so hard in order to solve "whodunit" -- well, I'm not really veggin then, am I?  I am engaged actually.  I cannot be too far gone since not all such drama hooks me: I never saw a House Hunters International episode I didn't like either.  And since the departure of The X Files, which was one of my most fave shows of all time, Fringe is filling in the gap quite nicely.   I was also quite effectively hooked into the time suck that was Battlestar Galactica as well.   Aside from the fact that it was extremely well written, there was the matter of discovering who the Cylons were. Mystery in space! I am if nothing else, diverse.

Since I am somewhat concerned about my mind being turned to mush, I do try to limit my viewing to a few shows, and like our host, I usually PVR them so that I can watch them faster.   Oh no, the hour allotted to me is far too easy.......solve it 40 minutes is so much more challenging. *eye roll*
The truth is, I am not one to simply sit down and turn on the TV because I am bored. I cannot be sucked into something I don't like, and I can never fall asleep while viewing.

I mean seriously.....I don't know how anyone could fall asleep.   I might miss a clue, and if you've been here before, you know that I am determined to find out exactly who G. Callen is!

Who ARE you?  Who, Who?  I really need to know!

They so know how to get me.

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