Poetry WorkshopThanks to the great Newsletter that Janice made, I will be on time for Poetry Workshop.   At least, as I am writing this draft post, my plan is to be on time.   

I find the wee bosses have very little concept of time; specifically the notion that mommy must be “on time”.

This week our prompt is a Narrative.   A Narrative is essentially a story in the form of a poem; much like Dr. Seuss.   Yes, this means it will be longish.  Go grab your coffee; I'll wait.

This is one I have actually been working on for some time, and was inspired through watching my kids “catch fairies”. You know when the curtains move and dust is highlighted by the sunlight? They think those are fairies. I have not the heart to disagree.

If you want a little homework, I suggest background reading of Y.B Yeats, The Stolen Child

 The Fairy Guide

Round and round they come tumbling down,
Reeling and spinning, youths’ gleeful sound
First sky, then grass goes whirling by
Faster and faster, they can almost fly
Beware fuzzy caterpillar and kildeer’s nest
Until the bottom, there will be no rest
The grasshopper flees, the birds take flight
All Nature has never beheld such a sight
Breathless and dirty they reach level ground
Childlike troubles lost, and new joys found
Slowly rising – then the world takes a spin!
But there is no fear: just a gap-toothed grin
Till laughter falls them in a dizzy faint
And merry abandon dispels all hate
Now rested, still dirty: the grass fight begins
Nature spies flying weeds and tangled limbs
The creatures gather, while birds sing a cheer
Humans and beasts in fellowship dear
The war is over – to who goes the win?
But wait! A new game is about to begin.
Through the field and over the brook
One is hiding, the other must look
So close your eyes and count to ten
Search the woods, and back again
A blue-jay squeals and shows the way
But the wandering child has gone astray
A broken branch betrays the secret place
Little sister spies brothers’ hiding face
The chase continues along bubbling stream
where water nymph is disturbed from dream
Quickly she rises to search out this foe
Who dares to invade her dreamland so
She searches the fields far and wide
Then glimpses the children side by side
Crouched by the water to inspect its’ deep:
Perhaps to find a new treasure to keep
Beneath lily pads, watery eyes return their stare
Yet the children move on unaware
Puzzled the nymph halts in mid-flight
And pauses to ponder this curious sight
Of mortals who choose to pass their hours
Amongst the fields, fauna and flowers
She flies forward for a closer spy
Zooms in close, then zooms on by
The back once more, for a closer view
No thought to the harm she might do
The brave attempt forces face-to-face
In three chests, hearts begin to race
A piercing scream splits the silent air
And the zealous nymph regrets her dare
Youthful eyes have widened in awe
Daring to believe the sight they just saw
For here she is – all magical display
Eyes knowing what the mind may betray
No choice for the nymph – it’s all too late
They’ve seen the spirits and sealed their fate
In silence these three stare awhile
Till each face relaxes in a slow, easy smile
Brave nymph now welcomes the curious child
To roam her land of waters and wild
Forever to wander, hand-in-hand
With a feary over this wonderland
Where dips the sun in a cloudless sky
And sapphire streams go trickling by
And tired toes test its’ tingling cool
And exploring eyes reflect the crystal pool
Where sings the sparrow a timeless song
And playtime lasts the whole day long
You’ll hear no more cries of a fallen land
Too much weeping for a child to understand
turn you ears to the melody of Nature
who never betrayed the heart that loved her
From Calabogie Peaks to Otter Lake
Such beautiful forms never forsake
And bright green grass forms a tell-tale ring
Left by fairies as they dance and sing
Where Belinda’s army sleeps so near
And lonely maiden weaves by magic mirror
Till a bold entrance advances her plot
Tis the cracked visage of Sir Lancelot
Yes, Nymphs tell secret truths once concealed
but to maids and children all is revealed
Tis true guardian angels round you fly
Those airy warriors unseen by naked eye
When rejection marks a tear-stained face
See ye comfort in this heavenly place
For the fair and innocent will always believe
And golden crowns of mercy receive
 with their guiding sprite, a new journeys’ begun
While descends overhead the noon-day sun.

To be continued?

I'd like to know where she leads them, how about you?

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