Poetry WorkshopIt's been a busy week.
A list, a chat, a quote, a ponder, 2 guest posts....so and did I mention I have been sick?  

How can an artiste create under these conditions!?

Ah, this must be that suffering creative process I have heard about it.
I have arrived!  Ha - well, I've given a darn good shot anyhoo.   And all else, I am blaming on the NyQuil and Neo Citran shots.

This week, I give you an Analogy (as per Janice):

According to Answers.com, analogy means: 1.  Similarity in some respects between things that are otherwise dissimilar.  or 2. A comparison based on such   similarity.
The Challenge:  Write a poem using analogies to describe a person, place, thing, animal, emotion, thought, fact, etc. (format provided)

Joy and Pain

As a word is to rhyme
As a clock is to time
As a me is to I'm
This poet's not at her prime.

As an eye is to blink
As a brain is to think
As a pen is to ink
This poets' all out of sync.

As a knight is to quest
As a scholar is to test
As a babe is to rest
This poets' done her best.

As a prayer is to night
As a wish is to flight
As a dream is to sight
Next week:  I'll get it right!

I'm really very tired now.   Good night.

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