Good morning all!
And to my fellow Canucks, Happy Family Day!

We have had quite a busy weekend: a date day/night for me and Left Brain (Sherlock Holmes won at the theatre, but was fantastic!), a Grande Chai Latte at Starbucks where I actually finished a book (was amazing Brenda, on to the sequel!); the kids had lots of time with grandma and grandpa.  Sunday we left one napping toddler with grandparents and took the older 2 for a lovely afternoon with some friends from our church.   Today? Recovery!

Although, with most people off work and kids out of school, I am sure some spontaneous fun will abound.

Sounds like a weekend that answers the question Wendy at Twisted Domestic Goddess has posed:

10 things I would rather do than clean the house!

You know, it is not that I hate the cleaning so much.   If I can blast some music and have no time limit - I really could clean all day.   I mean, I used to clean stables and barns:  believe me, my house is not that bad.   What I hate is cleaning the house while the 3 tornadoes currently residing here could suddenly decide it's time for another trip somewhere over the rainbow.   The resulting path of destruction left in their wake - well, it can take me from Glinda the Good to Wicked of the West in a heartbeat!

Seriously, cleaning the house while the children still live here, is like shovelling your driveway in the middle of a blizzard.   Just.No.Point.  

1.  Blog - um , the obvious answer out of the way.
2.  Interview others I can hire to clean my house.   Named Raoul and very tanned.
3.  Catch up on some smut reading.   Seriously, this Snooki lass - I am so out of the loop.
4.  Finally complete those chore charts I have been meaning to get to. 

5.   File under gross contradiction:   Garden.  Yes, play in the dirt, to avoid the dirt.
6.   Walk around all day in a French Maid costume.  What?  Who said that?  Left Brain.....get your own blog!
7.   Grant the wishes of a certain List Master:   will a pic with Gerard playing with his sword suffice?

8.   What the heck were we talking about???
9.   Oh does remind me of something: shave my legs.  At this point, it would be a chore in of itself.
10.   Find funny and completely appropriate pictures on Google.

In the spirit of the list, I am off to make a mess and NOT clean it.

warm wishes sign