This week, in honour of a good friend of hers' who recently passed.  So let's raise a glass this week, while Jackie asks us:

"What are your passions?"

I wonder,  if such pursuits are fruitless and often disappointing? It is easy to become obsessed with "finding our passion" in life.   Perhaps it is not so much us finding our passion - as it is letting our passion find us.  And then clearing the way for their realization.

Yes, I think I much prefer the finding of passion via happy discovery.

1.   When Inspiration meets Realization:

Pinterest Inspired - Pinterest Realized

2.  Something New:   to ensure it's not just another Manic Monday:

10 oz. to go Baby!
3.  Discovery: despite constant repetition, your 2 year old cannot remember to say please and thank you when she wants something (insert annoying whiney voice here), but at bed time you notice somehow she picked up all the words to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."  And even if every last word in a refrain is screamed.......all is forgiven upon hearing that sweet voice.
*Can someone please write a Please and Thank You song?*

4.  Memory Lane:  viewing baby videos of your firstborn (now 7yrs) with him, and remembering what a sweet, funny baby he was.   And knowing that you are giving him the gift of discovering that too.

5.  When Nature Smiles On You:

This was supposed to be the night we hopefully could view the Northern Lights -- as you can see we had a beautiful sunset, but due to all those clouds -- no brilliant light show.  

6.  Lost in Literature --  Actually being somewhat grateful for your never-ending cold, which nicely coincided with your spouses' weekend off, so that you could finally finish that book trilogy - The Millennium Series - you got for Christmas.   And how bada$$ is Lisbeth Salander!    Nothing I enjoy better than a really good book - and Steig's series are really, really good books.

and if yummy Daniel Craig is something you also enjoy - see the trailer HERE.

7.   Feeling Smart.....and Cool!
 I don't think I had ever correctly answered a trivia question first in my life.   so, thanks Jacqui!
Next stop - Jeopardy!  although, the prizes probably aren't near as cool.

8.  You don't have to know, or like football to re-discover some patriotic pride!

9.   Imagination of a Child -- and having picked the right baby daddy who can make their wildest imaginations come true.

What the???  skunk....porcupine....BEAR?

Nope -- Just a Monkey Boy!

there are actually 3 other kids behind MB and Angel Girl
BRAVO Left Brain, for building the best snow fort Evah!

10.   Troubleshooting:   having difficulty finding your passion, or it doesn't seem to be finding you?

Well, you're in luck:   there's an App for that.    Right Here

Or, if you really want to know how you "score" on the passion test - Try this App!

What are your passions?

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