So, I had this sweet and sappy post all prepared for today's List Master.

But you know what today is, right?
If you have also just spilt your coffee all over your desktop:

Welcome to another Manic Monday!

But before that, let's recap the weekend, shall we.
(that's sort of a list, right?)

Friday night:   toddler will not sleep, keeps waking up crying constantly 
1:01 am: son enters bedroom with bloody nose
1:30 am:  son rests in my bed while I clean up blood trail from his room, to bathroom, to kitchen, back to bathroom, and to our bedroom;  ponder new career as CSI
3:00 am: everyone finally back to bed
6:30 am: Incredible non-sleeping toddler UP - let's go Mama!

Saturday night:  repeat ALL of the above - with slight time variations, but basically same ending:  more blood, more cleaning and not much sleep for mama

Sunday 6:45 am:  toddler at bedside screaming for milk; everyone awake
Sunday 8:00 am:  milk provided, Dora DVD on repeat, mama crawls into the spare bed and goes to sleep
Sunday 10:00 am:  son crawls into spare bed complaining of headache - no one else allowed to turn on lights or talk  (HA! - will he remember that next time I have a migraine??),
Sunday 1:00 pm: Incredible Non Sleeping toddler takes 3 hour nap - I have to wake her up so she will sleep tonight,
Sunday 4:00 pm:  son gives up on noisey, bright house and goes to his bed; sleeps through dinner

Sunday 9 pm:  all quiet on the homefront!  (they're all medicated - kidding - sort of)
midnight - still quiet and no bloody-nosed appearances - mama falls into dreamless sleep
Monday 1:05 am:  mama awakens to toddler screaming and crying  "What's That!?  what's that...mommy!"
mama runs into bedroom - intense vomit scent nearly drops her to knees.   Oh, it's THAT!
well that explains the restless nights.
1:08 am:  and everybody is awake thanks to toddler screaming/crying and lights on to change sheets, clean toddler up
2:00 am - all quiet again
6:15 am:   Incredible non-sleeping puking toddler awake  - Rise and Shine Mama!  (medicate and smother pin toddler under duvet between Left Brain and myself)  she actually goes back to sleep - score one for mama!
7:30 am  Everyone up and at 'em
8:40 am  breakfast done, lunches made, kids clothed, time to go to bus stop everyone
8:45 am  15 minutes to Bus Arrival:  toddler pukes all over self and stairs - Incredible timing
8:46 am  Mama hollers for Left Brain, throws a towel over the puke, flicks the puked up corn pops off her pj bottoms and marches older 2 children out to bus stop, while Left Brain puts Incredibly stinky toddler in tub
9:04 am Mama returns home to find clean, sweet smelling toddler jumping on bed, and one stinking mess on the floor prompting questions to spouse about Haz Mat suits available to general public
10:00 am  Mama finally sits with 2nd cup of coffee, wondering why there are no Pop Tarts in the house - with all this stuff I must endure - is it too much to ask to have Pop Tarts available??  
10:02 am  Mama spills coffee - subsequently opens Blogger:  click's "Edit Posts".

*Author's note:  incidents surrounding middle child's diarrhea have been edited omitted for time.*

However, it simply will not do to dwell on such matters.  I suppose such trials have occurred with great timing to coincide with a day I should be making a list of my Loves; forcing me to count my blessings.  In matters of the heart, I find it's best to keep it simple.

Indeed, sometimes the smallest things, take up the biggest room in our hearts.

But, I won't lie, some pratical items around here would be great!

Cover Me!  I'm Going In

What are you lovin?

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