.....but I got tagged again!

This time, Cathy of Cathy Kennedy's Blog has caught me.   I was hiding behind the new Timmy's Extra Large Size Roll up the Rim cup....but I guess the caffeine made me a bit of a fidget, and spotted I was.   If you want a great start to your TGIF,  Cathy's Friday Sillies are a very good place to get you in the right weekend mood.

The Rules state I must post 11 things about myself - but let's face it, how much more do you really need to know.   Plus, I wouldn't blame you if you are sick to death of hearing about me, me, me.    I do believe I may have run out of new things to tell you.  

Except, perhaps that morning my friend and I woke up in an unknown city at a Journey's End Motel with 7 police cadets.  I wish I could say it was a memorable night.   Probably wouldn't interest you anyway...

Oh, and of course, there is the matter of my ultra secret identity:

steal java - me show you wikked ninja skillz!
I will however answer Cathy's 11 questions because, well, it would just be rude not to.  

What doctor's visit makes you the most uncomfortable? On a scale 1-10 rate your comfort level.
 I suppose it used to be the annual cold metal contraption insertion examine - a solid 9 for discomfort. but after having 3 children and approximately 11 doctor/residents learning what 3 centimeters dilation feels like, pretty much nothing makes me uncomfortable now.  

 Do you prefer a male or female doctor? Why?
I prefer doctors with small, warm hands who don't wear watches.   See above.

 Are any of your children named after someone in the family? If so, who?
 My son's middle name is an anagram of his grandfather's first, and daddy's middle name.   Leave it to an English Major to get all fancy.

If you could rename your children, what names would you pick?
"Chase" seems appropriate and applicable.    As does, "Broken Volume Control."   I fear the youngest does actually think her name is Zoo Zoo.

Do you consider yourself a concrastinator or procrastinator or somewhere in-between?
Um, can I get back to you on that?

Do you live by a to-do list?
Well, the start of my week is almost always determined by a certain and quite famous List Master.
I have a Sticky Note on my computer desktop that keeps track of bloggy related things.   And a big Mom's Family Calendar on the fridge.   I have a pretty good memory if I only have to recall my crap - but for 3 kids activities, Sunday School Lessons, and Left Brain's shift schedule I need help.  

What's the one to-do list thing you HAVE to do today?
 Is it ironic that at the top was "Do post for Cathy's tag"?

What is your favorite Magazine to read?
 In summer I cannot get my hands on enough Gardening magazines.    I also like Style at Home - I think I want to be a Designer in another life.   And yes, I confess to the occasional gossip style mag rags like US, and People.   When I was single, Cosmo was definitely my other bible.

How often do you shave your legs?
In the winter, not very often.    In my defense, I find once you start the habit of NOT shaving constantly - it actually gets to the point where it does not regrow fast, or thick.   And for some odd reason - there's hardly any on the back of the leg.   I'm a freak aren't I - it's okay, you can tell me.

Do you tweeze your own eyebrows?
Very, very little.   I am lucky that they are not that thick......or singular.

Who takes the trash to the curb at your house?
Simple equation:   if it wants the sex, it takes the garbage to the curb. 

The rules also state that I should tag 11 additional people, but since this is my 3rd....wait, 4th? time around......well, if you want to play  along: consider yourself tagged and you can either answer Cathy's questions above, or the previous ones listed by myself HERE.

I also have to give a shout out to the very dear Susi at Boca Frau who also caught me and awarded me thus:

Rules say I must pass on to 15 other bloggers -  you know I am breaking it.   But for good cause, as you will see why I am passing the One Lovely Blog Award to:

1.  Beth Ann at It's Just Life in appreciation for her dedication and commitment to "Comments for A Cause" -- so go leave her some comment love and help out Crisis Intervention Services in Mason City, IA.

2.  Alida (and Tom) at Blackpurl's knitpickings.... for their amazing and blessed commitment to missionary work in Belize.    I thank God and pray for them frequently.

3.  Beth at Looking for Tigger for choosing Thankfullness, despite an "Eeyore Personality".   You must visit and follow The Joy Dare.

4.   Ann at McGuffy's Reader  for not forgetting the furred set and giving 30 years of dedication to Animal Rescue.   And you will also find some excellent reading recommendations too!

5.  And finally, though she probably receives an award a week - I would be seriously remiss if I did not include Shell from Things I Can't Say.    Not just because she provides a place for our hearts and voices to pour out - and it is such a soft place to land.   But bless her heart:   I do believe she really hears each of us; and that is a truly rare gift.     

That's all folks!  
My little blog is kind of tired from running, but if tagged again, I promise to at least mention that I have been tagged, and provide the link so you can meet another wonderful blogger.  

Have a great weekend - you can start if off right by visiting all these lovely ladies at their respective blogs.

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