Hi my name is Rory and I love coffee.
Do you love coffee?   Me too.   Oh, ha - I said that already.   I like lattes too, especially chai lattes...unless they are too sweet, and then it kind of makes me sickly.  Although, technically, chai is a tea.  So I guess I am actually just a plain ole caffeine addict lover.   Which do you prefer: coffee or tea?   Oh look....kids' art!

please tell me it's not just the coffee and you see it too

Son:   Hey Mom.  Mom.  MOM!  (mom stops rolling coffee rim) Look at my picture.  What do you think of my propeller?
Mom:  Um...*internal dialogue: holy crap, I know your tweaking on caffeine, but keep it together girl!*   that's a very fine propeller son.   very purple.
Son:   So you like my propeller?
Mom:  *you're killing me kid, I'm like a gagged Chandler over here*  Yes son, I like your propeller very much.    How 'bout mommy buys you that $500 Lego Death Star you've been wanting?   Will that make you stop?

Can you believe it - 0 for 4 on Roll Up Wins so far!  I've won nothing.   Nothing!   I'm gonna have to up my game.   Zoo Zoo is enjoying being mommys little enabler coffee date though.


Better get straight to this weeks' questions while the buzz still lingers.

Hilary's co-host this week is Jen from Just Another Day - she came up with the last 2 statements. 

1. I never step on a crack.   Hey, some childhood fears just linger, you know?

2. Christmas is my favorite holiday.  If you spent the day with my big family and the food - it would be yours too.  Trust.

3. I think my faith is/are the strongest it has ever been
4. When there is a full moon I am drawn to gazing pensively out my window.   And sometimes I chuckle hysterically if Left Brain is working the night shift because I know all the crazies will be out and breakfast will bring some interesting stories. 

Have a great weekend everyone!
And if you see some desperate housewife checking discarded coffee cups in the recycle bin.....buy her a fresh cup won't ya? 

warm wishes sign