If you were here last Friday, you know I was lamenting about a Friday night tradition for a Stay At Home Mom.     I needed a little inspiration, so of course I turned to my childhood hero, who has never let me down.   She was always game to try something new, and of course always looked great in the doing.

And she hasn't lost her touch over the years it seems.   Geez - she's not aged a day I reckon!
How does she do it?    Well, darn it all -  my wine is chilling and this Friday night I am not letting the good times pass me by!  Grandma and Grandpa are on their way, and I am psyched about meeting up with an old friend who still knows how to have a good time!

TGIF - I Can Be Whatever I Want!
C'mon - doesn't it look like fun?  The bartender is cute, and 2 mermaids crashed the party!  Don't you just hate inconsiderate, mammals??  Anyhoo.....don't be jealous y'all!    While I am chillin and relaxin:   why don't you catch up with Hilarys' questions for this week.   Cheers!

1. Sometimes I even think I talk too much.  I blame it on being home with the small fry set all day.  You just crave adult convo.  And then when you finally get some, it's hard to just shut up.  I'm all me, me, me.....and the next thing I know, I haven't asked anything about the other person.  terribly rude.  So anyway.....How ARE you?

2. I LOVED high school!!  Seriously - no teen angst here.   I played sports, I joined clubs, I did school plays, I had awesome friends, and over my 5 years I dated the wanna be rock star, the poet, the genius, and even the quarterback.    This, added with the talk, talk,'re pretty much hating me now, aren't you?   Just to clarify:  I was not a cheerleader.   Or a slut.  Just in case your wondering.

3. Deciding what to pack for a lunch before I send the kids to school is such a pain sometimes.   All the allergies!  Don't get me wrong - we need to take precautions, absolutely:  but it is becoming increasingly difficult to find non-peanut, non-gluten, non-shellfish, non-lactose food a 7 and 4 year old will eat.

4. Germs, My Invisible Dog is my favorite song to sing to my children at bedtime.  Every night now for about 5 years - even if I groan sometimes, I still love it.      Listen to it HERE

For the record, I am quite certain Left Brain and I will make better use of grandparent's services, ditch the Barbie party early, and go do something fun.   Or, we will end up falling asleep just after the kids -  and that will be fun too.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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