Let's just be honest about something.   It's okay, we can admit it.  We're all out here, doing our thang.  We love it; no matter how much a time suck it can be, or how long we toiled for that very first comment.   There must be a degree of satisfaction because, heck, most of us do it for free!   But that doesn't mean a little appreciation, pat on the back, or "hey, I like you," isn't nice every now and then.

So I always look forward to acknowledging someone taking the time to show Time Out a little love.    And who doesn't like pie!?

So thank you, thank you very kindly Jen at We're Living a Full Life for taking the time to pass on this award.    I love reading Jen's blog because it serves as a daily reminder that there are good things in my future:   I hope to be an Empty Nester one day too!

Here be the rules:
Actually, this one is, well -- easy as pie!    Just tell 7 things about yourself, then pass the award on to 10 of your blogger friends.   Guess which one I am breaking?

1.   I have been in a prison riot.    What?   They totally started it.

2.   Incidentally,  I actually do know the correct wording of a Riot Act:   

"Her Majesty the Queen charges and commands all persons being assembled immediately to disperse and peaceably to depart..."

I swear to you, the first 4 words will make theives and murderers pause in their riotious tracks and go "WTF -- did she just say The Queen?"

3.    My Valentine's chocolates are already gone. 

4.   So are my kids.    (3 and 4 are unrelated - maybe.)

5.   Even though I have been having a wee bit of sport with lil Daniel....I kinda do really want to sorta see his new movie.   I am going to say in my defence that it does look quite scary and thus I will get to hold onto Left Brain's bulging biceps.   Yes, that.

I don't really know why either Paul.....ROFL

6.   Yes, my hunk of burning love actually does have quite the nice biceps.   Your man would too if he had a tight hold of his Glock daily.   That's a gun folks.   A big gun.  He's a cop - don't call 911: I'm fine.  

7.   I actually kinda sorta maybe want to learn how to shoot his Glock.
      That didn't sound quite right at all...?????

So therebe my sweet confessions.   And here are 5 blogs that I deem sweet enough that you should drop whatever holiday confection you have and dash over there and say, "In the Name of Her Majesty...."

fellow young celebrity crusher (oh yes, I know about Zac!) Kerry  at It's the Little Things

with Let's Bee Friends and Bee Beautiful You memes, the truly sweet Bruna at Bees With Honey

the sweetest Wish Master evah!  Stasta from The Good Life

the always fantastic  Sweaty at Sweaty Writes

for the love of bacon,  The Sarcasm Goddess at For the Love of Writing

Be sure and go check out these fantastic ladies!
I am off to a movie date with my man.   Think he'll notice if I switch the Sherlock Holmes tickets for the Woman in Black?  
warm wishes sign