I'm gonna let you in on a little secret.

My name is not really RoryBore.
Although, I think some of you knew that already.
But also, RoryBore is not even technically a name.    At least not in it's proper pronounciation.  

But it is more than just a nickname, pseudonym, or "call sign" if you will.

I'll give you a hint.....but perhaps you've been so lucky, once upon a midnight clear, when conditions have been just right: (and recent solar storm indicates that would be right now!) to see for yourself:

October 2011 Northern Ligths - Northern Ontario (google search)

Northern Ontario 10/11 (Google Search)

Naturally, extreme Northern regions are the best places to catch a glimpse of this wonder, but every  so often we get lucky.   Angel Girl was very impressed with the "dancing rainbow" when she was 2.
And you know, Aurora Borealis, is quite difficult for a toddler to say.
Hence, an alais was born.

"Extreme Northern Lights Display"
Now that's my kind of weather forecast!   
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