First of all, sorry to anyone who came today looking for the Coffee Chat.   I didn't forget what day of the week it was - this time - just trying to sort out how I will do the Chat for this New Year.     To all of you who shared your thoughts and linked up in 2011 - I thank you kindly, however, there were not a lot of you.   So.....continue?   Love it, but let it go?

I've never been one to give up too easily.    Perhaps more of a Chat preview and a longer link up time will work best for 2012.    So here you go:

Coffee Chat Sneak Peek

Reviewing 2011 Chats revealed that you really, really like to talk about movies.   Last time I chatted about great movies that you may have missed.  

This time.....let's chat about movies you wished you had missed!
Those movies that just make you go:  WTH?!
See you back here Tuesday, January 10, 2012, clearly not a Wordless Wednesday today.
I actually don't have many pics from the holidays:   I'm a naughty blogger and a worse mother!
I blame it on the wine and Bailey's. late nights and early mornings.
(And my mother has a much better camera.......she should just start a blog and show you all the holiday pics she took.)

Plus, you already saw our lights, tree, my angels and wee lamb, the Santa Beard contest, and Santa under the tree.
Really, you still want more?

Okay -- if you've been keeping up, you know my mom and I really know how to Unwind..
Here's our Christmas spirit style

Grasshoppers by the Christmas tree.....or under is fun too.

what's really sinful is the amount of vanilla ice cream that went into the blender
This is our Christmas tradition, to blend up something icy cold and snuggle under some blankets, gaze at the tree and talk, and talk.....and talk some more.   Usually we end up in front of the TV watching It's A Wonderful Life.

Oh, and good news.   Zoo loves the snow.    I would complain that she begged to go out when the temperature finally hit the negatives:  as in negative 17!!
But I have to admit, building Frosty -- was much more fun that watching Frosty:  for the 100th time.

my jolly happy soul
And since I am already in danger of breaking my Bloggy Resolution to keep it short......who I am kidding.....I love you all, but I think there's one small glass of strawberry wine left in the bottle and I am dying to get started on one of my own gifts:

Don't say a word!
I know nothing about them - have not even read the back or inside covers yet.    I've just heard so much about them, and since we are also on the topic of movies:  well, Mama wanted them - Mama got them.

Happy to be starting 2012 off, as wordy as it may be, with Germain.

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