Monkey Boy - the teen years
No, no.....not a shot of Monkey Boy tobagonning in his gitch.
although, he probably, totally would do that.

It's almost 5 pm, the moon has risen, but they still have lots of play left in them. What's a mom to do but grab her cell phone: and try to catch a shot of them actually standing still.

Active kids, semi-darkness and only a cell camera to capture the fun:   Stasha??? --  I need you!

the beginnings of a "way cool mom" snow fort

Side note:  no, that's not their blood on the snow.....we tried to paint the fort with food colouring
at the top of the world....well, perhaps the Prior

Course, wipeouts are half the fun!

Zoo Zoo is not much of a sledder yet.  I think it's the climb back up.   but she will pull the empty sled around the yard for.ever!

doin okay Zoo Zoo?

huh?  what mama?

Having fun in the snow yet?

warm wishes sign