G'Day and welcome to the Coffee Chat!

Special thanks to Kerry, Paul, Brenda, Jennifer and Small Town Mom for NOT taking us to the Movies.  Quite a successful chat, which I also thoroughly enjoyed.  You all have seen some really awful movies.  Bravo!  Must re-visit Movie topic again. Perhaps in time for the summer blockbusters.

So last week, instead of a topic per-say....I gave you a prompt.   Because I like to mix things up like that.

You're home alone, and the power goes out.  What Do you Do?

Well, I know what most of us might like to do, which is fine.....just warn me so that I can assure Monkey Boy is not reading over my shoulder. 

Me? No, I won't be doing that.   Not that I don't like that - I have 3 children.  Clearly I have enjoyed that: on at least 3 occasions.  *side eye*    No, I say this -- besides the fact that existence of 3 children means I am never home alone -- because the power would never dare go out when Left Brain IS HOME.  

Nay, Nay.

That kind of thing only happens when I am alone in the basement around the witching hour, nursing a wee babe.  Which I then have to safely navigate through all the scattered toys, Lego obstacles, Star Wars figures, and Barbie's jeep, up 2 flight of stairs -- in complete darkness.  Because no, there would be no working flashlights - they're probably still packed up with the camping equipment. 

Or in the midst of bathing 3 children, because tub plus water plus darkness is every kid's idea of fun, right?    Well perhaps if your mom is a Pinterest addict quick thinker and tub time becomes this:

have glowsticks -- instant fun....and sight
The truth is the power has gone out on several occasions (hence the prompt) when I have been home alone with the kids.  In the middle of cooking supper, in the middle of homework, in the middle of their favourite movie/TV show.    And we usually manage just fine.   PB&J...hey, kids love those!   Eat by candlelight - what an adventure! 

(And do I have candles.....don't even get me started.   Although....just one okay?  The kids made it.)

they collected the shells and the sand
 That sucker will burn for hours!   I could have a good leisurely soak and not slip and crack my skull.  Or just curl up and read a good book.  Right?

Again, nay.

The power never goes out in a timely manner such as to give mama a Rest.    Meaning, once the kids are fed, cleaned and safely tucked in their beds to dream the night away.   When I don't have to do anything requiring power.   Or really do anything at all.   And I can live without blogging for a few hours (note to self: buy new battery for laptop).

No, the power will go out during the busiest time of the day and I will soldier onward.  But as soon as all the work is done and I think it is after all the perfect night to get to bed early, or to start that novel I've heard great things about, or actually put pen to paper and ply my prose: perhaps a good hot soak by candle light first:  the lights will come back on.

Well Les, you could still do all those things.   Just because the lights are back on doesn't mean you have to do anything different.   You could just turn them off.

What?  Are you kidding?   My Google Reader's probably nigh to over-flowing.    What if tonight, we finally find out who G. Callen really is -- and I miss it!?    I realize many might be thinking I have missed the chance for something awesome here.   The chance to let my imagination run wild and really explore the world beyond my domestic boundaries.   Instead, I think the appeal of those ideas was: in the moment of crisis: they felt spontaneous.  Which elevated them to something special.   And now under the harsh glare of the compact fluorescent - they just seem ordinary.  Lacking.

I guess I am not destined to challenge Mr King in the world of the macabre.   Truth be told, I don't like to be scared.  Some people thrive on that thrilling sensation.   Me, I know myself better than that.   I see no need for false bravado.  Remaining within the ordinary and safe realm I normally inhabit suits me fine.

Because I remember this one time, at my aunt's farm when I was "barn sitting"....there was this wicked storm that knocked the power out.  Did I mention that I was out in the middle of nowhere?   The living room had this huge picture window - because that is necessary for viewing nice country things like horses and deer grazing in the fields - and I was walking into the room to take a peek outside when......HOLY MOTHER OF GOD there is someone out there.   Holy crap....breathe.   Ok, ok.  just go back into the kitchen slowly.   Get the scary movies out your head.    Go to the sink, maybe a glass of water (naturally, another window).....SHITE, SHITE...there's someone there too.   Crap, crap...be brave, back to the living room.   Is that one still there?  Yes, oh crap Yes.  Is it the same person, or a different one?!  Think, Think!  For the loveofGod THINK.!   Yes, yes......it's the same person.

Oh crap.
It's just me.

So I submit, if you've been scared witless by your own reflection, even once, you belong in the realm of the safe and ordinary.    And for heaven's sakes......get some curtains.

How about it?   Imagination ever get the best of you when the world suddenly went dark?  Or did you use the cover of darkness to your best advantage?

Next Week:   Burning questions concerning the "Oddities of Life":  Such as, why does your finger and toes get all wrinkled and prune-like in shower - but nothing else does?

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