Welcome to the first Coffee Chat of 2012!

 Thanks for the encouraging comments about my little chat.  I will be keeping it as a weekly linky for now.   But if you've got a topic you think might be interesting: really, I mean anything - anything at all:  feel free to speak up.   I'll name you as co-host.   You'll be famous!
Well, not really......but it could still be fun, right?

Today, we are off to the movies once again.....or, are we?

Hold that big buttery popcorn and Olympic sized pop just a minute: you might want to re-think date night if one of these movies is in the Marquee Lights, or cued up on your DVD.

The first two movies hold the distinction of being the only 2 movies that I have ever walked out of the cinema and reclaimed my money.    But for quite different reasons.

1.   Licence to Drive - 1988 with Corey Haim and Corey Feldman

I can't even summon enough energy to adequately put this movie down.   I can't even bring myself to post an image of the movie poster.   If you are an uber fan of the 80's, or want to see Heather Graham in her debut role, by all means, rent at your leisure.  Maybe this is one of those flicks that finds a following on DVD:  but I won't be taking the risk of finding out.   Losing one night to this flick is bad enough.

2.  Natural Born Killers - 1994 with Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis

Yep, it was the violence that had me walking on this one, but not for the reasons you might think.    If you frequent this blog you will know that I used to work in a male prison.    And since I was surrounded by dangerous offenders daily, I did not really want to spend my Friday night watching them glorified on the silver screen.    So, while I have seen the movie on DVD since, and of course, the combination of Stone and Quentin is undoubtedly a stroke of genius  (and yes, I get that it is "black comedy" - I took film studies in university), and I think the lead actors did an amazing job --- it comes down to this:   I can insert several real faces over the faces of Woody and Juliette, and once you have actually stared a cold blooded murderer in the face:  it ain't so entertaining no matter how bright the Hollywood lights.

3.  Vanilla Sky - 2001 with Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz and  Penelope Cruz

 Okay, file under WTF?
Which is not to say that I didn't like the film.  But.... WTF?

Love the actors:  love, love, love Cameron Crowe (Almost Famous should have been included on my previous chat list of movies to watch), love the fact that it was originally a Spanish Language film and that Cruz appears in both.   All great elements.   And I am a smart girl.  At least, I have a very expensive piece of paper that suggests I am capable of learning things.   But I just could not follow this movie.  It took several viewings and a very thorough scanning of the Internet before I could really make sense of it.    Once I saw the plot all laid out in black and white - yeah, a "doh" moment.

I don't like "doh" moments in movies.   I don't want to feel stupid when I am watching a movie.   It vexes me.   I want to be entertained.   Instead, I am vexed. 

4.   Showgirls - 1995 with Elizabeth Berkley, Kyle MacLachlan and Gina Gershon

 What can I say?
I have shamed myself.
To even admit having watched what is probably the worst movie ever made (or did it tie with Battlefield Earth?  that I did not see.)

For all of us Saved by The Bell fans who wanted to see little Jessie make it big.   She doesn't.   I have to laugh that there is actually a heading "Plot" on wiki.   Most disturbing is that the movie has become a cult classic and was recently released on Blu-Ray.  Why?   For the titillating sex scenes or nudity?   Even the least self-respecting, grungy wide-eyed in darkened rooms voyeur could not find this film provocative.    It's bad - just plain bad.   
Go watch Striptease instead.  *eye roll*

5.  The Serpent and The Rainbow - 1988 directed by Wes Craven and starring Bill Pullman

 OMG.   By all that is holy and good..... the hairs on my arms just stood up and the ones on my neck are on high alert - just from typing the title.   The flashbacks will follow.   I will sleep closer to Left Brain tonight and perhaps leave the kitchen light on.   Actually......I can't stand this.   My back is toward a darkened corner of the basement as I type and I just have to get the frack out of here. Right. Now.

You can read about the movie HEREsee the trailer

Just. Don't. Watch. It. Alone.

Of course, there are also those movies that remain our guilty pleasures.   We know that they are not necessarily good movies, yet, we cannot help ourselves when they flash across the cable or satellite guide at 2 am.   They may simply be campy or down-right ridiculous: to the downright dreadful.    Do you have one of these movies you just can't resist; no matter how many times you might have already succumbed to its' mediocre visionary pull?    I do.

C'mon!   Giant underground worms that sense our vibrations?!    Reba McIntyre as a gun-toting renegade?!
Kevin Bacon all shy and uncertain around the girl?

Alex P. Keatons' dad with an underground stockpile of weapons!?

Hollywood gold people!

You know you want to watch it now, dontcha.

No....I have not seen the sequels.   I have some standards people.

What movies will you not be curling up with someone special to watch?
Got one you just cannot resist - no matter how horrid?
Do tell.   You'll feel better.

NEXT WEEK's CHAT:     You're home alone, and the power goes out.  What do you do?

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