Bianca over at Bits of Bee has a great new link up.   

Every Tuesday, pick a favourite quote - it can be a quote by a famous figure, something funny your kids have said, lyrics from a favourite song, a funny tweet you've seen - anything you've heard or read that has inspired your post.

I love this idea....but I confess I had a hard time picking a quote.   Being an avid reader and dabbling in various forms of prose and poetry:  there are literally hundreds of authors, playwrites, song writers, poets, Biblical passages:

what to choose, what to choose??

Well, mama never promised me life would be easy.   She certainly never promised me a rose garden.
But it's okay -- I know how to deal:

Thanks for the reminder Mr President.
What do you do when lifes' not all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows?

warm wishes sign