My chat tomorrow (linky going live at 6 am - and why doesn't Blogger have a Shameless Plug feature by the way), will deal with some of the oddities that arise in life. Those questions that might plague us. If you have children, this can happen daily; several times over.

Somedays, you might get lucky and know the answer.

But some are very difficult. Like my son's about the stories of good versus evil. There's God and Satan. Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. Hitler versus....well, everyone. Um, every single Disney picture has a hero(ine) and a villian. Why are there so many mama? Does good always win? What if it doesn't? Why did Luke want to die instead of fighting his father -- didn't he want to win?

(Me, internal dialogue: What do I look like.....Buddha? Leonard Maltin? Am I omnipotent? No! Go ask your father....he thinks he is.)

Me, as loving and concerned, helpful parent.

Well, those stories are important for the lessons that they teach us, honey.

What lessons mama?

Well, honey, to answer that, let me read you a small part from the story about a little hobbitt named Frodo and a ring of terrible power that was entrusted to him.   He choose to destroy it because it was full of evil; even though he could have choosen to keep it for himself.  He made a sacrifice, and this tells us why:

So you see son, always believe in yourself, for even the smallest person can change the course of the future.

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