A great prompt this week.   If you are prose-hesitant, this might very well be the prompt for you.

Poetry Workshop

My apologies for being late to the party.   First, there was a  Blackout here Wednesday.      And speaking of darkness.....still time to join in the Coffee Chat.

Other than that, rest assured, my tardiness is not due to the degree of difficulty, but rather a wicked migraine struck me down yesterday as well.   Even the love of poetry could not keep me in front of the monitor's glare.

 Unfortunately the prose may also suffer much this week as a result.   Consider it an ode to massive head pain.

Who Am I?

I feel... sensitive and raw

I trust... not lights or noises

I hear.. from levels deep

I understand... this too shall pass

I worry... what if not?

I’m glad.. for loyal spouses who call in sick, when you are

I want... darkness and silence

I don’t want... light...or food

I’m sad... to watch the world go on, while

I dream... of once again returning to light

Who Am I?

I am …Back and rested

I like... not only light, but colours bright

I hope... for coffee...and nachos (?)

I dislike... cheese that refuses to melt!

I admire... my tolerance of pain

I fear... I will likely soon prove this again

I need... some TLC

I know... you will comply

I wish... this massage could last forever.

I wonder... how the world can change in mere moments.

Who Am I?

I’m happy... to enjoy my children once more

I pretend …I missed them greatly while napping

I try …to make up for a lost day

I read …a story and snuggle close

I’m sorry …mama was not feeling well today

I wear …my comfy fleece pj's still

I play....  "camping" at dinner and we eat by candle-light

I’m angry …at this unreliable head of mine

I’m relieved …the throbbing pain has passed

I love.... to be myself once more.

Um, yeah.  Quite possible I might revisit this at a later date.   Then again, poetry is all about inspiration, and like migraines, you never know when it might strike.   It is always best to write what you know; to be authentic.   And better or worse, this is me....right now.  
In this moment, who are you?

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