It was great to give the ole noggin a bloggy break over the holidays.

Looking back I realized I posted nearly every day; which of course included a weekly poem.  Of course, I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment, every piece of prose as lovingly created and birthed as if they were my virtual children.  Which most likely explains why despite being a bit exhausted in the creative department --  I am still feverishly addicted soldiering on.

But change will do you good, no?
So it's great that Janice has mixed things up a little bit.   Given the brain a bit of a "pop and crackle" if you will.   Lit a fire under my butt so to speak.   Sent my creative spirit high to tear the sky asunder.

Poetry WorkshopOkay, okay...if you haven't guessed it yet, this week's poetic theme:   Fireworks

And if you have been hesitant about giving it a try thus far, go check out the new non-rules.

I tried to think how  the firework might:  knowing that while it's flight across the star is dazzling -  it is also brief.    Such as our own dreams might be.

Bright and Brief I Am

I am a fleeting flash
I wonder what it feels to fall
I hear the deafening pop
I see bursts that scatter the sky
I want to fly longer
I am a fleeting flash

I pretend this time, I will reach higher
I feel my colorful arms outstretched
I touch distant stars
I worry they will be rent asunder
I cry tears of blue, red, green and wonder
I am a fleeting flash

I understand my end is near
I say "look at me!"
I dream in dazzling colour
I try to linger in the darkened rainbow
I hope you will see my brief flight and marvel
though I be a fleeting flash

And because my son wanted in on the poetic action this week....although I am not sure he gets the whole idea of "prose":

"What did the little firecracker say to the big firecracker?"

"Hi  ya Pop!"

Be thankful it wasn't a Knock, Knock joke.

I simply cannot be upstaged by a 7 year old.

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