On no she didn't.

Poetry WorkshopDid I mention I have Irish heritage?

And Janice gave us a Limerick prompt this week.....so many.....must...not...lose ......"G" blog rating.

I will try to resist.

I know a man called Murphy
whose laws turn all topsy-turvy
and try as I might
seems nothing goes right
now I've run out of ideas deemed worthy.

have your heard of this thing: word verification?
I tell you, I often need clarification
either it appears all a-blur
with letters...?? I'm unsure
but vital to blogging communication.

I new a blogger from Cali
whose meme was right up my alley
with prompts so swell
my words doth propel
my Muse right out of the valley.

Please, Please......just one!
I'll try to restain from going too far......ok?

 there was an ole lass from The Prior
whose hair got grayer by the hour
she plucked out just one
but them devils kept comin
till she took her damned crown to the dyer!


Somedays I get so mad I could spit
somedays this job I should quit
the house is a mess
kids no better I confess
I'm just getting too old for this Sh*t.

So.......know anyone from Nantucket?

warm wishes sign