Poetry WorkshopIs it really late at night, or are these prompts getting more challenging?

I don't know what your clock reads, but the blurred numbers on mine say, "idiot...get to bed."

Okay, so I was never much good with numbers.
Not since I learned my ABC's that is.
(although, I am known to get some things a$$ backwards on occasion)

Zealously pursuing
Youthful pleasures
Xerox copied dreams just
Wrinkles in time
Vague and vacant these
Useless memories
Trapped, left
Stranded inside
Remants recently
Quieted by
Offerings which
Never betrayed
Mercys' might, or
Loves' promise to
Kindred souls
Joyfully joined until
Immersed inside
Hopeless, aching
Gaping hearts whom
Forgotten the sweet
Eternal delights
Dimmed only by
Crouching cowards
Bound and broken by
Aging shadows

How do you spell your ABC's?

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