This weeks' list is brought to you by Ally and Lea at Two Normal Moms:

  10 things you'd like to see happen before you die - they can be anything from seeing the Cubs win the World Series (this is Hubs' #1) to meeting your great grandchildren. They can be things you participate in or things you just witness.

I could go really wild with this.....but will keep it simple.   I am sure there are many other things, that mostly exist in the realm of fantasy, or nigh-to-impossible, that I could add.

1.  So she mentioned sports - baseball specifically.    However, this is Canada:  The Land of Ice and Snow...and hockey.  So  s'il vous plait, Les Habitants......gagner une autre Coupe Stanley!

Kirk Muller and Guy drink from Lord Stanley
For you non parlez-vous folks, that would be this:  

And Toronto remarks referencing "realm of fantasy" permitted.
get your own blog. 
write your own list.

2.   And in keeping with patriotic pride, a few more of these would be nice too.

Canadian Olympic Gold Medal Hockey Team - 2010, Vancouver

3. Certainly it goes without saying what I desire most in life, is not a wish for myself really at all:  But for all my children to grow up healthy and happy.   To be full of life, love, and joy.  

4.  And no pressure of course kids, but meeting my grand-children; that would be super-cool.

5. Publish either a book of my poems, or an actual book.    Or an article.  Syndicated blog post.   Pick something....I'm slaving away over here people!

6.  Definitely travel more.  There are so many places...I don't even know where to start.  Certainly Ireland and Scotland.   Absolutely a few months in Australia would be nice.    RVing across the States would be so cool when we are retired.

7.  Someday,  Somewhere.....this could be me!

8.   I am not actually sure what to call this one....but there are wide open spaces, horses are grazing,  the kitchen smells great, the tea is sweetly chilled and the biscuits warm; and the front porch rocker is the perfect place to watch the sunset.

9.  For every person to experience the love of God.  I mean to really "know in their knower" that He loves YOU.     I didn't say get religion, or saved, or become a believer even.   Just to know that overwhelming, awe-inspiring,  can't run or hide from it, LOVE.  

10.   And I would hope if we all accepted and lived that love......well, World Peace might not be left in the realm of fantasy.    It just might not be impossible after all. 

How about you?  Will it be wine in Paris.   Bungee jumping in New Zealand.  Are you gazing at the Mona Lisa, the Pyramids, or the Northern Lights?    Are you in a tent, a castle, or an ice hotel? Learning a language, a sport, to dance, or play an instrument?  Do you see yourself climbing a mountain, or exploring the depths of the sea....or perhaps even in hot air balloon over beautiful landscapes. 

What's on your Bucket List?
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