It's Friday and I am feeling like a brand new person since the migraine finally packed up and shuffled off into the winter flurries.  It's almost cause for celebration (if you have ever had a know.)    What do I need for a little impromptu party?   Hmmmm...

oh yes, a few friends would be a great start! 

Let's BEE FriendsI am incredibly honoured to be over at Bruna's today, and featured on her "Let's Bee Friends" segment.   I think it is fantastic that there are such giving and generous bloggers like Bruna, who welcome others into their space.   And Bruna is one of those wonderful woman whose beauty, inside and out, just leaps right off the page: but always in a way that makes you feel so welcomed.  You just want to linger....ya know?

I so respect her commitment not just to family, but to teaching the young minds of tomorrow.   It is truly a calling not everyone is meant to answer, but I am willing to bet every student of Bruna's is enormously glad that she did.

Bruna has some other wonderful memes you might enjoy - you have probably already seen her BEE Beautiful You meme around the blogosphere.    Another reason to admire and respect her is this commitment to "celebrate the wonderful and beautiful that is found in every woman."

I am at Bruna's today, sharing straight from the heart HERE.
Do come join me.....I may need a friend's shoulder.

(Her meme is also a Blog Hop, so bring along your favourite post from the week, and meet some new friends.)

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