I really enjoyed reading all the comments and posts about bad movies this week. I don't know why, but my Coffee Chats about movies seem to be the hands-down winners.  If you haven't read my selections, want to see others, or want to add your own: there's still time.
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As for next weeks' chat:

Coffee Chat Sneak Peek

As I briefly mentioned at the end of this weeks' chat:

You are alone, the power goes out:  what do you do?

You can relay a true account, a piece of fiction, or simply what you would like to do ;)

Make it scary, make it comical, make it informative (you do have an emergency preparedness kit, right?)  As for me, I have personal stock in PartyLite....I'm not worried.
See ya Tuesday.

Also, I have been working on my "Static Pages", as Blogger calls them.      I think I know why they use the term "static":   meaning they can't change appearance!   At least not easily.    Fixed and lacking movement is one thing....but having no vitality is a completely different story! 

Don't get me wrong, the option is great!  You can learn About Me, How I Blog (as in schedule - not as in pj's clutching 3rd cup of coffee while kids destroy house - although, that would be a great post!), see my Gardens (er, snow), some great Recipes, etc. etc.   but I wish they had also given us some style options.  They just look like another post entry.   Your sidebar widgets remain visible - when they are not necessarily required on the Page Links.   What's a blogger who does not want to spend the money for professional layout who wants her site to look like.....a website, to do?

Well luckily....I have a search engine and I know how to use it.  And who knew I'd be fearless when it came to messing around with HTML and CSS -- why, I barely knew them before I started blogging!    And, I need little sleep; apparently.  So if you look up over my header: in their new and hopefully final location  - go ahead, I'll wait -  Just click one.   And what will you see?   Sidebars?  Nope.  GFC Widget?  Nope.   My buttons, your buttons?  Nope.   Just one truly stand alone page...and hopefully some pretty coloured backgrounds?  Yerp. 

That's one small step for this blogger!
But I am determined to find some more ways to make them interesting.  

So, as for the content of those pages.   Since I am not pulling weeds these days, but rather in the midst of front yard expansion of the powdery white kind, there is not much on the Garden page.   I will try to update the Recipes with some good cold weather additions,  but really, my cousin Paul is who you should visit for edible food options.  The Featured Page is only updated if I receive an award or do a guest post.

Then I realized....I don't have a page that is related to my blog.   I say, "go ahead, get your Mom Me Time", but then I just leave you hanging.   Not very nice of me.   Surely I could come up with a few tips on how to de-stress in the midst of a crisis,  get gum or playdoh out of the carpet, or your toddler out of the locked bathroom!    Or rather......get yourself into that locked bathroom.   Thus I  present a new page:  Relax Mom

As you will notice, it is somewhat still in the construction phase, as I try to figure out if I can get a Table of Contents, Drop Down Menu....something to organize it better.   But I have put a few tidbits there for you now if you are looking for some great time wasters tips.   The best part about this page is that I hope YOU will also contribute.   So if you have some great advice, tips, funny anecdotes relating to Mommy Time:  just send me an email (that would be the coffee cup with the envelope and @ symbol over there on the right) and I will post it with a mention and link to your blog.

So if you have a few minutes,  go ahead and Relax Mom!

Have a great weekend -  I have company this weekend, so I am using one of my own tips:  grabbing my ipod and gonna dance this house clean! 
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