Regular Schedule?
I fear I may have actually forgotten what that is.    
Now, I know it is 2012 -- I posted my toast to that, and I didn't have so much champagne that I have already forgotten it.   But I have been operating for the majority of today thinking it was Tuesday!

How can I be so exhausted and wore out only 2 days into the New Year?  

While our holiday was definitely wonderful, I wouldn't say I found it relaxing.  There were moments.   But really, time has just flown by..and truth be told: right out the window.

Take tonight for example. 7 pm Family Swim at the rec centre? Sure, why the heck not. Swimming will surely tire the kids out, right?

You bet I won't be trying that next week!

And I wanted such a BANG out starting post for 2012 too.  
But, I don't do resolutions, or year end reviews, or year ahead goals.   I think I need to get better at living in reality - the here and now - before I go trying to escape it.     Wait - is that technically a goal?

Shoot.  Now I've gone and done it.

Nonetheless:  The holidays are pretty much over, though there is always the "taking down" and "putting away" to be done.    Like a good little blogger, I have started here first - of course!     First step to living in reality, even in bloggyland, one must trade snowflakes for flowers when the time comes.

A special thanks for all those who visited and left comments over the holidays - especially since I was basically MIA for a week or more.    Rest assured one resolution I won't be breaking is returning the visits, and enjoying catching up with all my favourite bloggers!

I may just need a few more days to find my normal again.

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