My kids thought that full dressed bath-tub shot from last week was just so adorable, they decided to do it for real!   I came back with the towels to discover a Best Santa Bubble Beard contest in the works.

You be the judges:

Monkey Boy......not too bad at all.

Angel Girl seems to prefer the Soul Patch Santa

Zoo Zoo....well, she hates bubbles on her face and had wiped them off by the time I snapped the pic.

Need a comparison shot?
How about the real deal -- caught in the act under our Christmas tree??!
(created at I Caught Santa)

Sure surprised the kids to see this by the empty cookie plate!

Have any big surprises Christmas Morning?

Not linking up myself this week since I am travelling, and computer access might be dodgy, but you should still peek in on Germaines' and see what's up this week.

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