I am sick and tired.  And tired of being sick.
This is the cold that never ends....it just comes back and back again.
I feel lazy.   I think I have seen more movies in the past 2 weeks, then I have in the past 2 years. Some of them may not have even been by Disney, Dora or Pokemon.   I just want to lay down and watch the fire.  Stare at the Christmas tree.   The lovely Christmas decor.

Wait.  The fireplace is on?   A tree?   And decorations you say?  But.....how.....when?
Hmmmm....maybe it's not just the cold kicking my butt.   It seems I have been a busy bee once again.

Come on in and see how it is looking like Christmas after all.

It is actually quite warm still....strictly ambiance, and music.  Love the Yuletide Channel!
But for the record, I do have an actual working, although gas, fireplace too.
The mantel is the perfect spot for the new Nativity that my mom gave me (thanks mom, xoxo), and also for the elves to hang their clothes to dry.   See for yourself:

Yes, Yes, Yes I do.....I got Christmas Spirit - how 'bout you?
Annual trek to the tree farm was a great success.   There wasn't enough snow to go sledding, but they did have some climbing structures.  And mud.  Lots of mud.   Kids were in heaven.
Love you Tide!

mmm....too bad not scratch and sniff
I have quite an assortment of tree ornaments.  There is of course the box of 100 unbreakable, shatterproof Walmart $2 specials.   But I also bought the kids some very special ones last year.   

Disney in da tree!!  Oh yes....just a select few shown.  the gang is all there....believe.
And I have a few special ones of my own.    Some are ones I made with my mom when I was a little girl -- so yeah, at least 15 years old.  ahem.    The kid with snowball I made myself.   And the Snowbaby one is my dream tree.   Sigh -- one day I will have a grown up tree again.  And of course, the true reason for the season is represented too.

Too much?  I have spared you some other decorations and the gingerbread houses.
(although if gingerbread houses are your thang -- do drop by for next week's Coffee Chat!)

Well, if I have gone over-board, I blame Pinterest.

Look at what it made me do

so bah humbug -- I didn't feel like paying the lady at the tree farm $40.00 for a homemade decoration from my tree trimmings.   Left Brain trimmed it himself, and Angel Girl and I went for a nature walk to find some trimmings.

You can never have too much Christmas spirit, I say.

Do you do a little holiday decorating, or go big like me?

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