We recently had a lovely dinner with my mother in law (yes, I used lovely and mother in law in the same sentence; I'm lucky like that), and while the adults were chatting, my three little birds were up to some good clean fun.

Can't say I blame them.  I've always wanted to get in her tub too.

And of course, what kind of church mom would I be if I didn't show off pictures of my three Christmas Production Performers.    However, I am not the kind of mom who had the presence of mind to record said Sunday School Christmas production.   You'll just have to trust me that they were as cute as they look.

Monkey Boy with his 2 best blurred buds.  This could be future teen trouble, let me tell you!

is it any wonder I call her Angel Girl?

no, you can't hold baby Jesus

me wee lamb
She was really good and went right up on stage when she was supposed to:  no fuss, no tears, she just sat right down in front of baby Jesus like she was supposed to do.......and went "BAAAAAA!"

But she does the cutest rendition of Away In A Manger - complete with actions - you'll ever (not) see.  Trust.

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