Tuesday Night Poetry

My selection for Janice's latest prompt might just get me on the naughty list this year!

But with a prompt like "Warmth".....I simply couldn't resist!

Ode to Morning Heat

my eyes open to the brightness
ears tuned to the sounds of babes stirring,
in the darkness I fumble, chilled
longing to wrap my hands around you,
and take your heat into me,
inhaling your invigorating scent
full bodied and deep
I savour the rich taste
that will lure me from my rest
and set my heart a-racing
the last sleepy visages of dreams
swept away in one burning gulp
a stinging reminder of
my hurried haste to have you
and yet, I reach again
to have your warmth deep inside
bringing balance, focus
that only you could bring
I am up, I am ready
to meet this day with vigor
though the children clamour
and the tasks are wanting done
I know you will be there; waiting
always hot and ready to serve my pleasure
and I will come for you - never fear
the promise of a second cup
will spur my daily duties to completion
and once again,
I fall into your steadying warmth.

Well....what did you think I was writing about?
What gives you the warm fuzzies?

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