Do you ponder?

I do. Frequently.

In fact, I think I ponder all day long.
Perhaps even while I sleep.  It seems my brain never shuts off.

I ponder long:

why can't this child get his clothes in the hamper?  seriously....dropping them 2 feet in front of the hamper! How hard is it to walk an extra foot?   How does he not trip over them when he gets new clothes?  Does he get new clothes?  He must be wearing the same dirty clothes - just picking them off the floor and pulling them on again.   Mental note:  must remember to check Monkey Boy's attire in the morning.

I ponder short:

were those the clothes laying on his floor last night?  
think. think. THINK!

Oft times my brain just gets so fired up, and goes round and round, searching for an elusive thought to grab hold of.   Sometimes I catch it.   Other times it remains forever out of reach.
And then I say things like "oft times."

It's good that I have a blog.  It's good to let some of this stuff out every now and then.  Keep the white coats away, ya know?    It's also good to have friends that ponder too.   So you don't feel so bat crazy.... lonely.
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Here are some recent ponderings.....although I can't quite promise Brenda, that there is a purpose to any of them.

-   why do I believe Left Brain when he promises that he will have 5 days off after working 9 straight?  it never happens this way -- he just doesn't have that kind of job.   Fool me once...

-  will a remorseful Left Brain buy this with all his hard earned overtime money?
(I just want something easy to use, that will fit in my purse.  it is easy, right? it will fit in my purse? see.....more pondering.)

 - then I get to pondering: with all this Giving talk I have been doing, perhaps expecting a camera as prize for being stuck at home and cancelling a date with a friend raising my kids, is a tad selfish and greedy.   Then again, Left Brain gets a Blackberry and a laptop to do his job -- don't I get any perks?

 -  Holy Crap!   why did my 2 older children sit and watch their little sister shit all over my living room floor, while doing the ants in your pants dance?   Could they not see it was most certainly NOT ants in her pants?  and why did my crapping toddler continue to dance --- through her own shit?  until she slipped and fell.  And WTH has she been eating?   OMG .....this was some serious Ka-Ka.    why does this always happen when Left Brain is at work?   always me.   the super-duper-pooper picker upper.

-  do I just throw out the 4 towels it took to mop up the crap?  the area rug was banished to the back patio -- let the rain deal with it.   Will sanitary mode clean these stinking towels?   Sorry Mother Earth, I'm gonna have to pull out the real Javex for this load.  

-  do you get annoyed by people who say something critical, judgemental, or just downright mean and uncalled for to your face, and then have the nerve to say, "oh,  I guess I shouldn't say something like that.  just tell me to shut up when I get like thatI don't mean anything by it." about you just shut up?  like right now.  like forever?   Because I am quite certain that I am not responsible for your utter lack of manners, and I quite resent being put in charge of your mouth.  I submit, if as an adult you haven't learned to hold your tongue yet - you likely never will.   Further there Fuckie - I do believe with the utmost certainty  that you did in fact mean something by it, otherwise, you would have kept your big mouth shut in the first place.   Either way, again I say, please don't turn the tables on me and make it my responsibility to call you out on your bad behaviour.   I am already raising 3 children: I assumed your mother did her job.

(oh sorry, that one might have been intended for a Shell's Pour Your Heart Out meme.)

Clearly, pondering can run amuck-amuck.

- sometimes pondering can lead to worthwhile things like inspired and hopeful prose, or beautifully creative captured memories of your children.   Or finally figuring out how to place your page link tabs on the side of your blog, vertically.    Hmmmm....are they better there?  Should I move them back under the header?   Ponder, ponder...move them....ponder....move them back.  

Oh, enough already!   Quit pondering so much and just relax!  Stop thinking for 2 minutes.
Left Brain is home now.   He's putting a movie on.   Wonder what movie...

....Tron Legacy?!  Seriously, again?  How many times can  a man watch one movie anyway?  I don't get did he even get inside the game in the first place?    This whole virtual reality, Matrix stuff....really, it's not even possible.   Just how far does Hollywood expect us to suspend belief anyway??

You're hopeless.
Shut up and watch the movie already.

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