This may be my most favourite prompt thus far.

This may be because I could really, really use one:  Vacation....I Remember You!

Tuesday Night Poetry


I remember the warm touch
of the Caribbean sun
and the salty kiss of an ocean breeze
how the white capp'd rolling waves
crashed upon the sandy shore
while palms trees swayed their salute
to rhythms unheard
by all who lingered
stretching their tippy-toes
towards the frothy sea.
I remember the distant call
of "coconut" riding on the wind
the sudden white hot sand upon my heel
as rising from my rest
following that promising lure
well worth the price
of a few sing'd toes
as the milky sweetness mingles
with the seas' lingering salty kiss
while the sun, sand and wind 
softly whisper: remember me.

my coconut drinking chair in Cuba

Been anywhere unforgettable lately?

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