Tuesday Night Poetry

I have already given a more spiritual rendering of tonight's poetry prompt in one of my  Advent Sunday Readings.

I thought tonight, I would tackle another, somewhat more "sensual" version.   (hey, hey....family blog here --- meaning the Senses!)

Hope Sense

If hope could be a color,
It would be white capped wave, dashed about
As the wind and surf play as one; 
rising above the raging storm.

If hope could be a taste
It would be  home-made, still warm bread;
adorned in fresh preserves.

If hope could be a smell
It would be freshly mowed lawns, 
or just waken'd spring flowers.

If hope could be a sound
It would be the first time a baby laughs.

If hope could be a feeling
It would be like waking up on Christmas morning;
surrounded by family and love.

If hope could be an animal
It would be the fiery phoenix, rising from its' ashes,
soaring high once more.

hmmm, not quite sure how I feel about that one.   You see, poetry is most often many "works in progress" for me.   To actually create one, weekly, that I am completely satisfied with, is nigh to impossible.   Often I start with the given prompt, but inspiration drags me elsewhere and I am left with unfinished prose fragments.   Kind of like this:

hope stirred, though lately lost, whilst stormy seas still raged
it raised it's head from the murky depths
and drank the foam of the deep blue sea
suspended, it floated like so much jetsam
Weeping for the love to set it free

I confess....I  have no idea where that a) came from, or b) is going.  

or perhaps this is a better start?

I Am 
I am lost and found
I wonder and wander; restless seeking
I hear rain drops and birdsong; dawn arising
I see laden clouds and starry nights
I want freedom and security; a comforting trap
I am lost and found

I understand I am not alone
I  whisper your name
I dream of amazing grace
I hear you calling me home
I see hope guiding my feet
I am lost and found 

I started out trying to show the bundle of contradictions we fair humans can be: always confusing our wants and needs -- but again, no idea where to go from there -- thus, unfinished.  

So you see, don't feel bad at all if you are struggling to find your "prose-colored glasses."  Like anything else, practice makes perfect, and even I still have many practice days.

Special thoughts and prayers offered to my lovely co-host today, hoping it will see her loved ones through recent tragedy.   Indeed, may God hold you all in the palm of His hand today. 
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