Monday's are no longer so manic thanks to Stasha's weekly meme.   Now I look forward to making my list and checking out others.

 And what a list challenge it is this week!   The challenge being to keep my Mama's Christmas Wants List to only 10 things!

 I'll give it my best shot.  


 1.   I am going to have to agree with our lovely host on this first item:  sleep in Christmas morning.   Which means, at least let the kids make it to sunrise.

 2.  Should the aforementioned wish not be granted, I will require the promise of a one year's supply of the following; before I will even consider getting out of bed:  

3.  I dream of a day when I will be able to carry a normal size purse once again.    Pretty sure I could not fit an extra diaper, wipes, a sippy cup, snack bag with snacks, a Strawberry Shortcake doll, and a spare pair of underwear.  (it's cold season, I've had 3 children....figure it out.) into this little number.

4.   Naturally, being a lady, I will require matching shoes.

5.  Which would beautifully display my festive peep toes:

not my nails
6.   My normal 5 minute face simply won't suffice now.  Better take it to the next level....but still manageable for a busy mom.

7.   I also gotta agree with Stasha:  it would be amazingly lovely to wake up to a clean house.   Better make that one a year's supply too.

8.   For my children to know the peace, joy and love....and miracle of a Saviour's birth this holiday season.....and not just the pretty packages.

(see, I'm not completely shallow.)

9.  It would also be nice if they could learn, agree, write in blood, that they will get along without bickering, yelling, and stomping feet for more than 20 minutes.   And yes, I'll pay extra for the life-time warranty.

10.  And should I awake, at the crack of dawn, blurry ey'd and red faced stumblin in my holey socks and yoga pants to the brewer only to find boring Columbia coffee; the house already alive with the sounds of  "can we open our stockings now", or "can we have chocolate for breakfast," or even, "*insert name here* shook the big present you told her/him not to touch!"....

.....well Santa Baby..... a week or 2 here oughta make up for it:

mineral baths, Italy

How about you? 
If money and time....and reality were no option; what would make your list?

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