Let me Count the Ways:  

great kid crafts

crafts for mom

and treats for all!
cute....but who has the time?

this I can do!
But please don't tell Monkey Boy about this:

Gingerbread AT-AT from Star Wars - what do you think Paul?  doable? LOL

and while I'd love for them to know about this new tradition sweeping the nation.....even with the help of Pinterest, will I really remember to hide him someplace new each night?

ok...how dang cute is that?

Pinterest:  The go-to site for any and all required inspiration.

Extra hours and hands to complete all inspired tasks -- priceless.

Linking up with my fave Picnesday blogger.

Who somehow managed to also be here:

Zook Book Nook

I should ask her if she is on Pinterest.
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