Look what I made mommy!!

I created this page, in like 10 minutes - including download time --- with My Memories Digital Scrapbooking Program.    I had already downloaded the software this afternoon while the toddler napped.  Another easy-peasy task.   I think I have downloaded maybe 2 other programs in my entire life.  I usually make Left Brain do it (hence the nickname).   No worries though.
But I couldn't wait to get everyone to bed so I could start tinkering, fiddling, and get to creating some beautiful memories already!!    The quick pages, like the one above, make it so easy to create something in just a few minutes.  Not too shabby for a first attempt.

Want to try?
Sure beats getting paper cuts, sticky glitter glue and cramped fingers I say.

I will return to this subject shortly and provide a full review for my readers.   Frankly....I am just enjoying myself too much right now.  I have already started an album for Angel Girl.   She's so excited.  

You should be too.
Ya know what normally follows a product review in bloggyworld, right?

Stay tuned for more my friends!
In the meantime, you should really go check out all the lovely designs.   If you click on the Gallery tab on their website, you can see some wonderful creations.

I also have to give a shout out to Janice, since she got me hooked on yet another digital addiction! She also created a very lovely page for Angel Girl; which may be related to why I now must do an entire album. LOL. Janice has a weekly scrapbooking meme for all those catching the scrap fever.

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