Despite the hustle and bustle of a busy weekend, and one spooky evening spent begging for treats (that's after we got home), I am closer to being on time this week!

This weeks' theme is family.   If you are needing a break from all the spookiness this week, write a poem and link up with Janice.


Togetherness is....kneading dough on a big harvest table,
while flour dusts your nose
and conspiring to peek under the towel, 
before the dough has rose.

Togetherness is...trekking through the woods 
in search of the perfect Christmas tree,
and stringing popcorn to adorn its' limbs,
and mama saves a bowl just for me.

Togetherness is....finding hidden kittens in the hayloft, 
and nuzzling their soft fur
hearing over the barnyard din, 
the sound of their happy purr.

Togetherness is....waking up on a cold winters' morn, 
and throwing the skies in the car
coffee and cocoa for the long winding drive, 
when fresh snows' fallen - it's never too far.

Togetherness is.... sweating in the noon-day sun,
pitching bales up high,
the work is hard, till the wagons full;
but what days spent under summer sky.

Togetherness is....gathering round that great big table, 
when all the work is done
bowing heads to give our thanks, 
sharing a meal over talk and teasing fun.

Togetherness is....more than a single moment, 
burned in our heart memory;
it's the total sum of years of joy, toil and pain -
that bonds our family.

What special memories do you have that show how a family spends time together?

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