Our lovely host Janice gave what I thought would be an easy prompt this week -- but I found it was the hardest yet!   Motherhood. I am one. Should be a cinch, right?  Yet, I discovered there were so many emotions, images, joys, disappointments, trials and rewards mixed up within that one word: it was nigh impossible to sort it all out.   Let alone put thought to paper.

Some little girls always dreamed of being a mommy. Me? Nay, nay. My Barbie enjoyed her camping trips, horse ranch, fashion shows, beach days....and keeping poor Ken on a string. While G.I. Joe hid in the wings. I never thought babies were in my future.

Even though I am now a mommy dear, I often wake up quite stunned to discover this truth. Some days I think if I just lie back down, I will awaken from a horrible, and oft noisy nightmare. But no....their still there. Waiting. Watching. Whining.

And even though I may grumble as my feet hit the floor, there's simply no denying: they had me at "Waaaaaaaaaa".
They complete me.

Never Knew I Wanted You

this amazing love
that softly crept
into my heart so deep
awakening dreams
that sweetly slept
within my soul to keep

one became three
to clasp so dear
upon the giving breast
my life I'd give
I have no fear
before I seek my rest

how could I know
in my foolish youth
love could come so swift
and hold me fast
and force my truth
wanting this precious gift

hush my babies
don't you cry
mama is always near
to say a prayer
or sweet lullaby
and always hold you dear.

though I never knew
I wanted you so
now I clearly see
all those dreams
I thought I'd let go
have returned, thrice-blessed to me.

whaddyaknow....Monkey Boy's clothed!

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